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Ladle Car Weighing System

High accuracy & reliability

Civil work is most minimum

Suitable for tough environmental conductions

Mechanically rugged design

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Hot Metal SMS Crane Weighing System

High accuracy & reliability

Custom designed to suit specific design and application

Remote connection through RF/GSM modem

Hassle free installation

No mechanical and electrical modification

High temperature for SMS and steel melting shop & other application

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Tarpedo Laddle Car Weighing System

High accuracy & reliability

Mechanically rugged design

High resistance to the influences of the ambient temperature

Robust maintenance free system

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Online Billet Weighing System

Accuracy and reliability

Full onsite commissioning and support

High reliability using proven load cell design

Special Software adaptations

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Ladle Turret Weighing System

High accuracy and reliability

Mechanically Rugged design

High resistance to the influences of temperature

Suitable for tough environmental conditions

Turret bar can withstand up to 200°C

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Wagon Tipper weighing system

No Civil work

Little mechanical modification required

Impact load bearing capacity is high

Provided with overload protection

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On Board Weighing Solution

Senlogic Automation Private Limited Company a professionally managed company, engaged in the weighing Automation Activities Incorporated in February 2002

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